Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying
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Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tyinghas 24 chapters, and is well illustrated with numerous photographs. Of the 24 chapters, seven are tutorials on tools, materials, and techniques. The remaining 17 chapters are tying instructions for standard patterns: Brassie, Black Beauty, RS2 Emerger, Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Prince Nymph, Copper John, Wool ly Bugger, Elk Hair Caddis, Stimulator, Adams, Rusty Spinner, Parachute Blue-Winged Olive, X Comparadun, Royal Wulff, Humpy, and Goddard Caddis.
In addition there are pattern variations and recipes for another 85 flies. That's 102 total patterns! Each of the 17 flies builds upon the previous pattern to give the student the skills and experience to be successful.
Please call or email for a signed copy, Makes a great personalized gift.

Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying

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